Gateway Collegium


What is the Gateway Collegium?

COLLEGIUM – [kuh-lee-jee-uhm]: a gathering of leaders as equals, colleagues, dinstinguished by mutual respect and pursuit of common goals.

  • The purpose of the Gateway Collegium is to further the mission of Christ by assisting the self-development of leaders through the disciplines of personal reflection, study, and prayer among likeminded and supportive colleagues.
  • provides support and guidance for leaders to direct and manage their own training and education.
  • provides the best ministry educational opportunities available (classroom, on-line, video, and webinar) from partner institutions.

Goal of the Collegium

For most of its history the Pentecostal movement has been defined by, and found its identity in, a common experience of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church. However, one conversation that has begun to emerge in recent years is a conversation centered around the question, “What contributions does a distinctly Pentecostal worldview have to offer the broader theological landscape of the Christian Church?” This question, coupled with an increased desire from church leadership for continued education, has prompted the Gateway District to form the Gateway Collegium.

Who benefits from the Gateway Collegium?

Gateway Collegium is designed for licensed ministers of The Foursquare Church and leaders-in-training recommended by a senior pastor. There are two groups that benefit most from the Collegium:

1) Leaders who are presently engaged in ministry to provide them with a life-long learning resources, and
2) Mid-career adults who need to update their education as they enter into more significant leadership roles.

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