Emerging Leader Network


ELN is a network of schools of ministry for for college-age students. These diverse programs, based in Foursquare churches all around the country and right here in the Gateway district, have joined together to create transformational opportunities for young leaders. Each ELN program is based on a model of full-time, immersive training, designed to take students who are passionate about Jesus and the world, and help them become mission-ready disciples.

In an ELN school of ministry, students are engaged in 24-7 “immersion discipleship.” The military uses immersive training as well — it’s called boot camp — and it’s how they make soldiers out of civilians in a short, intense period of time. It’s also how Jesus prepared his disciples, taking a group of ordinary guys and developing them into world changers in a few, transformational years.

Jeremy Pummel, the former pastor of NorthRock Church in Thornton, Colorado, talks about what’s happening through NorthRock’s Echo ELN program and their students…

We currently have one ELN school of ministry in the Gateway District:


Echo School of Ministry, located in Thornton, CO, as an extension of NorthRock Church

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