NextGen Affinity Groups


We’ve created niche Facebook Groups for NextGen leaders in our district and we’re keeping them private so that they can be a safe place to share and network with your ministry peers. If you are a NextGen leader in the Gateway District, please join and feel free to add any other NextGen leaders/workers/volunteers you know from our district. Just click on your ministry area below and ask to join…

Gateway Children’s Workers

Gateway Youth Workers

Gateway Young Adult Leaders

We are a big believer in NextGen: seeing the value of children’s, youth, and young adult workers all working together. But we also believe in the value of “talking shop” and being known and understood by a group of your peers that “get it” – what it is that you do. You know children’s, youth, and young adult ministry and all the ins-and-outs, feelings, problems, resources, tools, and experiences like no others. So use this forum as a place to share your ideas, stories, questions, and anything else! We think that these could be great places to build upon relationships and network between NextGen leaders even more.

Stop by your niche group and introduce yourself.

Also, another great way to build community and get some extra encouragement in ministry is to connect with one of our several NextGen Area Leaders. Find out who they are and where they are by clicking here!