Gateway NextGen Area Leaders

Are You Connected With an Area Leader?

We have Gateway NextGen Area Leaders in various geographic locations in our district that are here to connect, encourage, and network with you. Have you connected with one yet? You should! They have volunteered to serve you. We have a map with their names and locations below…

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Our NextGen Area Leaders

Feel free to contact Area Leaders with the information provided below. They’ll be excited to connect!

• Derick and Pam Brown (Rapid City, SD) – 605-545-2954, email, Derick’s Facebook, Pam’s Facebook
Tami Jones (Scottsbluff, NE) – 308-672-9723, email, Facebook
• David Keaton (Parsons, KS) – 620-423-0423, email, Facebook, Twitter
• Tricia Reed Poe (Parsons, KS) – 620-423-0423, emailFacebook
• Gregg and Jenny Relaford (Kansas City, MO) – 816-299-5419, Gregg’s email, Jenny’s email, Gregg’s FacebookJenny’s Facebook
• Shawn Michael Shoup, District NextGen Rep (Bayfield, CO) – 605-209-1105, email, Facebook, Twitter
• Andy Sloan, (Durango, CO)970-880-0337, email, Facebook
• Judah and Candace Trabulsi (Highlands Ranch, CO) – 303-797-7076, Judah’s emailCandace’s emailJudah’s FacebookCandace’s Facebook
• Dyani Waldrop (Rapid City, SD) – 605-590-0393, email, Facebook

The NextGen Area Leader’s Role

• Will commit time every week to “think district” and care for our NextGen leaders.
• Our NextGen Area Leaders will have a minimum 2-year history of loving God and loving students in the context of NextGen ministry.
• They will also be identified as having a passion for “caring for, networking, and resourcing” other NextGen leaders.
• They will provide a more local / regional face and connecting-point for Gateway’s NextGen leaders.
• They will attend scheduled conference calls to connect with the Gateway NextGen Rep, pray, and do some training, planning, and sharing as a team.
• Contribute as a team to help network, resource, and care for our Gateway NextGen leaders.
Actively pursue relational connections with NextGen leaders in their local / regional areas and beyond. This is not in the role of legalistic-type leadership, but is intended to be a way of encouraging, praying for, and pastorally caring for these leaders in way of supporting them in their individual leadership roles.
• Work as a team to plan avenues of discipleship for our NextGen students before graduating high school or college.
Provide events and/or connecting points for churches to resource and care for their teenagers.
• Work together to streamline how churches can move their students into Foursquare’s Life Pacific College and ELN and Ignite programs.
Build, recruit, and send other NextGen leaders in our district.

Interested in Serving as An Area Leader?

Contact our District NextGen Rep, Shawn M. Shoup, for an interview.