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Church Planting Toolkit (PDF)

Church Planting Leadership Fellowship

(Training: A multi-faceted process of (1) education, (2) contextualization (3) implementation designed to prepare a planter to lead a Foursquare Faith-Community.

Goal: Prepare and deploy the next generation of pastors to lead healthy, disciple making, multiplying Foursquare Faith-Communities


Training Cohort Event #1
Church planting systems, and missional structure development
Developed in partnership with The Sticks Network, Artie Davis

FOCUS: Sticks Conference
Facilitator: Artie Davis: HOST: Chad Carroll
DATES: April 4-6, 2017 – 3 day event
TIMES: Begins April 4th at 1:00pm and concludes April 6th at 4:00pm
LOCATION: NorthRock Church, 10100 Grant Street, Thornton, CO

A gathering to empower small city pastors and leaders to love, learn, and lead big. The Sticks provides the resources for church planters, church pastors, and leaders to network together and learn principles that will help them make BIG impact in their small city.

Whether you are starting a brand new church or simply looking to re-visit, re-purpose, or re-charge your existing church the STICKS Conference has the tools and training to help!!

Assess current churches progress and challenges
Align the mission of church with contextualized methods to mature, manage & multiply momentum
Recognize Impact Points and develop a Ministry Action Plan using the Mission Matrix
Receive online planning and Review tools


Training Cohort Event #2
FOCUS: Incarnational Community, Foursquare & Gateway Distinctives, MCAP Orientation
Facilitators: Sam Rockwell Ph.D and Matt Smay
DATE: June 17, 2017 – 1 day event
TIME: 9:00am – 3:00pm
LOCATION: NorthRock Church, 10100 Grant Street, Thornton, CO

Training Cohort Event #3
FOCUS: 10 Traits of Church Health, Personal Leader Development Tangible Kingdom Principles, Coaching Your Team
Facilitators: Sam Rockwell Ph.D and Matt Smay
DATE: August 19, 2017 – 1 day event
TIME: 9:00am – 3:00pm
LOCATION: NorthRock Church, 10100 Grant Street, Thornton, CO

Training Cohort #4
Matt Smay, Dr. Sam Rockwell and Rick Anderson
DATE: October 21


Missional Community/ Church Health/ Soul Care and Family health/ Foursquare & Gateway Distinctives/ Organizational Procedures/ Administrative Track

Each day’s training will center around the theme of creating reproducing incarnational communities, kingdom transformation, and personal leadership development and will be reinforced through the 6 month ONLINE Missional Church Apprenticeship Practicum (MCAP) in partnership with Missio and Matt Smay, while being hosted and facilitated on our Collegium website.

Missional Community Apprenticeship Practicum

Our practitioner based, online, Missional Community Apprenticeship Practicum is a 6-month
training and coaching process that takes leaders through a wide range of resources and training,
including The Tangible Kingdom Primer.  All the while, you will have access to a Missio Coach
to walk alongside of you in your journey.

Why an online Process?

Based on the need for missional leaders to remain engaged in building churches in
localized contexts, the extraction model of training and equipping is no longer practical or
conducive to apprenticing leaders while engaged in meaningful relationships. In order to
create a reproducible apprenticeship model in the early pioneering stages of missional
community, there is a significant need to provide just-in-time training to missional leaders
that are on-the-way, but not-yet-there in their approach and methodology. We believe
technology may help multiply the training and delivery system that has for too long relied
on onsite training systems. The internet now affords us the luxury and strategic
possibility of taking leaders with us on an apprenticeship journey that is primarily virtual
in nature and form, allowing leaders from around the world to participate.


To register for these events (COHORTS 2-4) contact the DISTRICT OFFICE, or email