The Gateway District is committed to supporting church planters through training, coaching and financial partnership. Matching funds are available for planting pastors that have successfully completed the preparation process, gathered a team, engaged their community, discipled new believers and developed ministry partners.

Matching Funds and Financial Commitment

There are three ways that the Gateway District will commit to investment in the Church Plant process.

  • Training Investment: The Gateway District will reimburse training and travel expenses to and from all four cohorts to each church plant pastor/couple, up to $3,000. Another $3,000 is available for reimbursement to the church planter’s coach or *Resource Church’s pastor to attend the trainings as well.
  • Resource Church Reimbursement: The Gateway District will reimburse 50% of a Resource Church’s or other organization’s investment of undesignated funds into a Church Plant in the first year up to an amount of $7,500. (Example: The Resource Church, an individual or a business invests $15,000 of undesignated funds into a Church Plant. They receive a check for $7,500 in matching funds).These funds are not to be used for salary or compensation. This request, with evidence of investment will be submitted to Chad Carroll or Annie Reynolds.
  • Church Plant Community Outreach Match: The Gateway District will reimburse the Church Plant 50% of the funds set aside or used for outreach to the local community in the 12 months following launch, up to $15,000. NOTE: This does not include money spent on building or payroll expenses. (Example: Church Plant spends $18,000 on outreach in the first year, and has an additional $12,000 in a bank account designated for outreach. Gateway District will issue $15,000 to Church Plant in matching funds to be used for additional outreach.)

Total Gateway District funding possible for each Church Plant: $28,500. (Maximum Training Investment of up to $6,000. Maximum Resource Church Reimbursement of up to $7,500 in matching funds to the Resource Church and/or investor. Maximum Community Outreach Match of up to $15,000 matching funds to Church Plant.)

*A Resource Church is the sending church the church planter has been sent from or a church who has chosen to sponsor the church plant.

Matching Funds Request

Submit the following information, along with bank statement and documentation of outreaches to Chad Carroll or Annie Reynolds to request matching funds.

  • Church Name:
  • Pastor:
  • Amount spent on outreaches:
  • Amount set aside in account designated for outreaches:

** (Amounts reflect 12 months following launch)

Pay it forward

As part of our long term vision for Church Multiplication, established Church Planters are asked to invest at least 1% of what they received into the ministries of future planters. This is an opportunity to help the Gateway District continue to support the vision to double the number of churches in our District.

Church Planter's Admin Guide

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