As a collective Missional Team we are committed to partnering with church multiplication candidates in:

– their emergence as a leader
– their engagement in the mission of God
– their development of new Faith-Communities

Advancing an interactive multiplication culture by establishing synergistic relationships (individually and collectively) with:

– planting pastors, church planters, educators (LPC, Ignite, ABI, others) mission- minded practitioners, theorists, other denominations, networks and associations

Develop a shared framework for church planting and sponsoring church best practices

(Church Multiplication Framework: To multiply missional leaders and missional churches.

Our framework should always make room for a local church’s planting culture, process, and partnership expectations. Additionally we should support a planter’s interdenominational preference for training and support unless it is conflict with our core beliefs, values, mission or strategy. Our support does not negate our own commitment to partner with the local church in their planter preparation and we may require additional assessment, training or coaching in partnership with a local church and church planter

The Team

  • (MO) Gene Bebee
  • (CO) Chad Carroll
  • (CO) Ben Eige
  • (MO) Billy Foster
  • (NE) Tyson Lambertson
  • (CO) Karl Leuthauser
  • (CO) Andy Lovelace
  • (CO) Andy Miller
  • (CO) Mark Palmer
  • (CO) Daniel Prieto
  • (KS) Annie Reynolds
  • (CO) Sam Rockwell
  • (CO) Martin Ruarte
  • and more to come!

Our Training Partners