() Coaching: District initiated … Planter-driven process of intentional personal development and accountability.

District Sponsored / Church planter initiated Holistic approach – a constellation of mentors Integrated into training and assessment process

Goal: Imbed a practice of life-long mentoring and accountability. Provide individualized support for a church planter’s personal development and learning contextualization.

Partnered with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, and Dr. Joseph Umidi to become a regionally licensed coach training site.  

– Largest Christian Coach Training organization worldwide in 24 countries and 14 languages
– Version nine of curriculum used in numerous universities, churches, and organizations for personal development, professional certification, and accredited course work.
– Licensed partnerships and products developed for multiplying profit centers
– On-line & seminar training developed for market expansion

***Gateway LFLC coaches would support the planting couple with monthly coaching calls, and would be developed through a monthly call with a certified growth coach trainer each month in order to maximize this experience.

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(ACT) Accelerated Coaches Training phase #1 with Dr. Umidi and Chad Carroll begins MARCH 21. Get registered today! CONTACT or call the district office at 303.567.6900 FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION.

Accelerated Coach Training Program

A Systematic, Effective Method to Develop Leaders with Character and Competence

Unlock Sustainable Change Through the ACT Program:

Catalyze In-depth Conversations
Lead Engaging Meetings
Listen Intuitively
Ask Powerful Questions
Enhance Your Development of Others

The ACT Program is an in-depth, 15-week program designed for those who desire to use coaching practices in their current role. It employs a combination of two one-day workshops, eight tele-class training sessions, and eight personal coaching sessions with a peer coach and/or coach trainer, to create personal transformation in the lives of the trainees.

You will practice skills including asking powerful questions, active listening, the G.R.O.W. model of coaching, redefining success and failure, catalyzing in-depth coaching conversations, and setting up a coaching client relationship.

Your sustainable personal change experience positions you to replicate this experience with others. Organizational culture shifts when the leaders of an organization each experience personal change and practice our methodologies.