Gateway District Pastors, Texas needs you!

Dear Foursquare pastor,

As you are aware, Hurricane Harvey has had a big impact on Texas and surrounding states. Initial damage was caused by the torrential rain and winds, but further damage is being caused by the flooding of those same areas days after Harvey has rolled through.

We would like to ask for your partnership with a couple of our Foursquare pastors in the area: Cere Muscarella from Life Foursquare in Angleton, TX and Alex Montealegre from La Vida Regional, also in Angleton, TX. In their area, waters are receding very slowly, and the slower the waters recede the more important it is to get teams into the area to help as soon as access to homes is possible. The longer these houses sit, the more extensive the damage. So a one or two day response from to Angleton is crucial to this particular recovery effort.

Please consider asking people to be on standby to help so that when Cere and Alex get the word out, those people can immediately respond. Due to proximity, I’m especially asking churches from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri which are in close proximity to Texas to ask their churches to be ready to respond.

If your church would like to send a volunteer team to Angleton quickly, please contact Cere Muscarella at or Alex Montealegre at You can also call the church at 979-849-1161.

Even if your church cannot help with volunteers at this time, please continue to pray for the region that the waters will recede and lives will be touched for God’s kingdom through this.

Thank you and bless you for your help,

Rev. Jason Reynolds, Director
Foursquare Disaster Relief US/Foursquare Chaplains International The Foursquare Church

Letter to Gateway, MidSouth pastors

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