2017 - 2018 Offerings!

Online Classes

2017 Classes

Action to Love

by Stephanie Singer

All year

The Action to Love Toolkit is a video and discussion course designed to be viewed as group. We have created it for small group or church leadership groups. Its purpose is to help you think about and articulate your own groups thoughts and feelings about LGBT issues. It is not designed to tell you what to think or give you doctrin around the topic. Rather, the discussion questions are meant to help you have a conversation as a group in discover what you think.

The Action to Love Toolkit video and discussion questions are best done in a group of 8 to 18 people. Groups over 20 should multiply into 2 or more.

This course is for a small group or church leadership group to walk through together. However, Canvas will require a single person to register and own the account used to access the material. This should be the person who is leading the group through the course content. When working through the material, have the leader simply log into the account and view the video on a screen large enough for everyone to see. (The videos are web-based so the screen will need to be connected to the internet or streaming from a laptop on the internet.) After each video, click the “Next button” at the bottom of the page to move to the discussion questions, which you will go through as a group. There are several short videos, discussion questions, and homework for each module. The course is designed to go through a module at each gathering. Gatherings should be scheduled for 1 hour to 1.5 hours to allow for quality conversation.

Eventbrite - Action to Love

Leading by Being and Doing

by Sam Rockwell

Fall 2017 Semester
Dates: Oct 1 – Nov 4

The purpose of this course is to explore how what you do in ministry can be a natural outflow of who you are. The text for the class is Leading by Being and Doing, by Sam Rockwell, which addresses the journey of personal transformation required of all true spiritual leadership. This course provides an introduction to leadership from both a deeply personal perspective as well as a practical one.



You can order the book from Amazon.

Eventbrite - Learning by Being and Doing

Lifelong Discipleship – Fall 2017

by Jessie Cruickshank

Fall 2017 Semester
Dates: Oct 15 – Nov 18

Take your development of disciples to the next level with Life-Long Learning. In this class we will explore God’s call to be disciples, what it means to be a disciple in the Kingdom, how people learn and change, and what the journey to discipleship actually looks like. In this class you will develop your own Philosophy of Discipleship, which will remain as a living document and be revisited from time to time to both reflect and articulate your journey.

Eventbrite - Lifelong Discipleship

2018 Classes

Pentecostal Theology

by Dr. Bill Middlebrook

Dates:  Feb 11th – Mar 31

Pentecostal Theology, taught by Colorado Christian University Professor Bill Middlebrook. This 8 week class will cover historical and present Pentecostal thought. This class will give you the Chance to explore both the underlying assumptions and your perspectives on a variety of topics, the most fundamental of which is, “What does it mean to be Pentecostal and how does that differ from Evangelical or other Christian paradigms?” Required text is Pentecostal Theology.


You can purchase Foundations of Pentecostal Theology here.

Eventbrite - Pentecostal Theology

Online Webinar Trainings

Faith Development

Date: August 15th 2017 6pm (MST) (2hrs)
Hosted by: Jessie Cruickshank

Did you know that there is a God-designed journey for your faith? In this webinar we will go through the proven structure of how someone’s understanding of God changes over their life. We will explore questions like: How does someone move from being a brand new believer to having a depth of faith like Mother Theresa? What are the differences between children and adults in their faith? How do we disciple people in their current stage of faith and how do we work with God in the transitions? This webinar will be taught by Jessie Cruickshank.

Eventbrite - Faith Development Webinar