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What counts as continuing learning?

There are a wide range of ways we consider “continuing learning” avenues:

  • Formal classes
  • Certificate programs
  • District sponsored trainings (i.e. Regional Trainings, Sticks Conf.)
  • Conferences (of any kind!)
  • Fall Conference
  • Reading and book studies
  • Focused practices in spiritual disciplines
  • Listening to another’s sermons series
  • Many more ways in which we grow and change

Some people need knowledge or skill development, some people need to know how to better apply the knowledge or skills they already have. How we learn and implement what we are learning can vary drastically from person to person.

So far we have only been able to identify three things that do not count:

  1. Doing nothing
  2. Surfing the internet
  3. Studying or reading a book only for the purpose of presenting it to another.

The third item on this list is a little hard to define, but think about it this way. It is like when a momma bird eats food that she simply chews up and spits out for her babies to eat. She is chewing food, but none of it stays with her and she receives none of its nutrients. A momma bird can feed her babies and still die of starvation. Your continued learning has to be for you, to feed and nourish you. It can’t be simply poured out for someone else, like Sermon prep. Though things we are learning often end up in sermons, simply studying for a sermon may not have the same impact. If you are not being changed or impacted, you are not learning.