Love and Pain

Sunday our beloved Zoe, our four-pawed only child passed away. As my heart breaks right now at the passing of a family member, I find myself lost in feelings and contemplation. I contemplate love, and suffering. I think about the last hours with my loved one. She has so much pain...

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Light of the Nations Story

Andy Millar is the the pastor of the multi-ethnic Light of the Nations Foursquare Church in Denver, CO. He also serves on the Gateway District’s parent church partner practicum (PCPP). As  a valued member of this team, Pastor Andy has sponsored and released multiple leaders and churches that are making an...

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North of Hope

[tentblogger-vimeo 76114409] Dr. Rod & Teresa Koop are Foursquare Missionaries assigned to the huge state of Alaska. This short video introduces one aspect of their work on Prince of Wales island.

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